Gourmet coming to Bellevue shops🎉

Often times people ask Carlos: “Where are we going to shop and get nice things to eat and drink?”

Carlos has the answer and it is in the works as we write this… Discount international gourmet shop is coming to the commercial shopping area located on the beach Road just in front of Bellevue. They will have free delivery. Gourmet foods at a discount! Specialty items that you can order. Everything that you could want for a party, beach picnic, hors d’oeuvre or just a darn good snack!🎉🍾🎊

What more could you ask for? They will have a Facebook page where you can message. You can text her WhatsApp ordering. They have a couple of other stores in Costa Rica that are hugely successful. These people know how to provide great service and products. They have a proven track record. This company has amazing products and trust us it will not be disappointed! Excellent wine! Excellent Cheeses! Pizza. We can’t wait for the greatest new shop! This is going to be great.🎊🎉💫🍾

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