Playa Pajaros a new venture brought to you by Bellevue!

It’s time to rethink and start living outside. Focus on what really matters to you. Share positive vibes and luxury living with your family and friends.

Playa Pajaro is an amazing project which offers 17 lots that range from 992 m² to 4138 m². The lots vary in size and price. This community is located two kilometers from Rio Grande village. And one kilometer from Playa Pajaro beach.

This exclusive gated community offers four different turn key building options. You can also build your own for approximately $1,200. per square meter.

The community offers a clubhouse, a playground, picnic area bridge/walkway and a large co/working space with conference rooms and areas for yoga and Pilates.

Make your dream come true!

Happy Earth Day from Bellevue!🌎🇨🇷🌎🇨🇷🌎🌎🌎🌎

Nurturing nature…

Bellevue has a strong desire to nurture nature. The Turtle Project has been an important part of our community.

People come to Costa Rica, particularly the blue zone to enjoy mother nature. Giving back to the community is something important in terms of values to all of us.

The turtle project has released many hatches of turtle eggs. The community continues to stay committed to helping nature. We hope that each and everyone of you will do something today to encourage mother nature in thriving!

Happy birthday to all.…

Mother nature!

Bellevue is located in the Southern most tip of the Nicoya peninsula which is one of the five blue zones in the world.

One thing you can count on…

Mother nature will never disappoint! There is so much beauty abundant in this area of the blue zone. It is authentic Costa Rica filled with amazing wonders of mother nature! Check out this action between tambour and Isla Tortuga.

It doesn’t get much better than this!

Bellevue Plaza Coming 🎉

April 2022 will unveil an amazing plaza that will offer everything from art, dance, gourmet food and wine. Picnic grab and go baskets. Interior design!

This is an exciting time for Bellevue. New homes are being finished. New neighbors and friendships are being created. And new customers will be coming to the area to shop at one of the high-end commercial shopping. There really aren’t any high and commercial strips in the area beside Santa Teresa.

The plaza will be located along the road to Playa Organos. It will have easy access and parking. There will be decks and areas to enjoy a conversation and coffee. It is situated in a beautiful grove of trees and is sure to offer treasures and moments of relaxation.

Playa Organos–The Next….

Big Thing……

Big things are coming to Bellevue and Playa Organos. People aske where is the “next big thing”? Right now home values are very reasonable and in fact down-right low priced. Exceptional Value fot your money.

The waterline is going in on the beach road. There are specialty shops and services, gourmet food, interior design, art and dance!!! Delivery services to your door. So right now things are in development and if you were to go to Santa Teresa or Nosara? You would find the same land/home for a value that is astronomical if you can find it. The inventory is low and the prices are inflated.

This inflation has not come to Playa Organos but rest assured in 5 years these prices will not be the same. ROI? Return On Investment?

Bellevue. Playa Organos. Ferry. Easy Access. Airport Nearby. Beaches. Isla Tortuga. Good Roads. Need we say more?

Awesome Amenities In Works🎊

Gourmet coming to Bellevue shops🎉

Often times people ask Carlos: “Where are we going to shop and get nice things to eat and drink?”

Carlos has the answer and it is in the works as we write this… Discount international gourmet shop is coming to the commercial shopping area located on the beach Road just in front of Bellevue. They will have free delivery. Gourmet foods at a discount! Specialty items that you can order. Everything that you could want for a party, beach picnic, hors d’oeuvre or just a darn good snack!🎉🍾🎊

What more could you ask for? They will have a Facebook page where you can message. You can text her WhatsApp ordering. They have a couple of other stores in Costa Rica that are hugely successful. These people know how to provide great service and products. They have a proven track record. This company has amazing products and trust us it will not be disappointed! Excellent wine! Excellent Cheeses! Pizza. We can’t wait for the greatest new shop! This is going to be great.🎊🎉💫🍾

Beach Club coming to Bellevue…

Beach club with floating dock coming🎊

Just when you thought Bellevue could not be any better… The backside of Bellevue mountain has been purchased and will be developed. There will be more beautiful homes and a new beach club facing Isla Chiquita.

This beach club will be a private membership so it will be pristine and private. There will be a small fee for membership. Kayaks, standup paddleboard’s and JetSki’s along with canoes and kayaks will be available for rent.

This will be an amazing great addition to the community. Such exciting news and Bellevue!

Private recreation beach club🎊

Turtles Thriving 🐢🐢🐢


It’s another great day at Playa Organos. Thank you to the Turtle team, Carlos Solana. thank you Anna for being such a wonderful volunteer along with Eric, Constantine and the team! The turtles are absolutely thriving. They are released on a regular basis from the Bellevue group. It’s a great day at Playa Organos. Costa Rica! All about helping me environment🐢🎊🎉

What a beautiful volunteer, Anna helping the turtles!🎊🐢🎉