Yesterday, Carlos Solana and the conservation crew along with families and beach goer’s set out on a mission: The eggs that were laid and harvested, hatched, grew into baby turtles and they were set out on the beach.

New life at Playa Organos!

Instinctually, they knew where to head…..into the ocean. They know how to swim and survive so they they went! Out to sea……

The turtle eggs are laid in nests which are basically a pit or hole dug by the mother turtle. The eggs in this case were watched over and monitored regularly by a crew of conservationists.

The eggs were hatched and the baby turtles were nurtured by the conservationists. Some times the eggs can be disturbed by vandals, wild dogs or even people that consider them a delicacy. These eggs were all hatched and the results were amazing.

We have so much to enjoy in Playa Organos!

Off they go to the sea!

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