Lilliam Fatjo Fournier, Amazing Interior Designer @ Bellevue Design Center

Lili has nearly 20 years of education and experience in the field of Interior Design. She loves helping people and feels that Interior Design is a way of improving peoples’ lives, personal living space and life. She believes “Interior Design makes lives more happy and functional.”

Lili is excited to work in Playa Organos and Bellevue because the beauty and nature are so intense in the area. She hopes to “bring this beauty and intensity into the home and living space for a positive experience.”

She sees “Interior Design as art. It is also important to put a client’s taste and personality into each project. People need to feel and have a positive experience in Costa Rica with nature. People need to feel comfortable in the home and outside.”

“Interior Design has to make people feel happy and life easier.”

“Bellevue is a great opportunity. I can guide people to get what they expect to feel comfortable and happy. ”

Design Center Coming Soon……

Bellevue will be getting a design center very soon.

There are plans made and ground breaking for a commercial store front/mixed use area along the main road to the beach. The area right along the road will have parking and store fronts.

Bellevue will be offering some amazing packages with exceptionally unique interior design pieces, furniture and everything right down to the silver ware and dishes for home owners.

Esteban Espinoza Menak is an amazing designer with years of inspiration and unique style. Esteban is Costa Rican and works in New York City and Costa Rica. He is also a painter and talented in many treatments and mediums, faux finishes to fine art and style.

Esteban is a master designer and artist

Esteban will be leading a team of designers that will work one on one with clients to optimize styles and tastes that. will uniquely make their home a special haven. The designers will find out what is interesting and important to clients and match materials, finishes and furniture etc to budget specifications and taste.

Clients can make appointments and spend quality time going over details. There will be a showroom where clients can view samples of tiles, blinds, materials and fixtures. People can drop in and spend time dreaming……

Organica: A New Yoga Spa @ Bellevue

Introducing A Beautiful Organic State Of The Art Yoga Retreat Center

The Organica Yoga Spa is a perfect place to relax and renew. The spa sits high on the mountain overlooking Playa Organos, Isla Tortuga, The Gulf of Nicoya, magical mountains and jungle. The pool is salt water and invites guests to swim, sun and enjoy.

The Yoga Shelter Website and Information:

The food is made fresh to order for each guest. All meals are organic and gourmet. The tastes will delight your senses. Every little detail about the spa is amazing, from the organic beds, toiletries, rooms and views. Your every Sense Will Be Delighted!

The teachers are mindful, experienced and inspiring. There are all types of yoga methods available and the center is available for rentals. Sleeps 8 people. Double rooms all with views.

Amazing rates and availability as it is brand new and waiting for you to discover.

There are also massage therapists available at amazing prices.

Don’t Wait…..Retreat.

We Are Heavily MEDITATED.

What’s Happening @ Bellevue

There is always so much going on at Bellevue, I can never blog enough. New construction constantly. More amazing people coming to visit and buying ever day.

The community is unfolding in an awesome flow of positive energy.

The developer, Carlos is constantly creating new ideas: Now there is a commercial area on the beach main road where specialty shops will offer visitors gourmet foods, unique gift and interior design things. Plus there is an Interior Design Showroom coming to help new home owners pick finishes, tiles, flooring, everything down to the silverware needed to make their new homes uniquely their own!

Contemporary, Casual, Luxury, Living! Thriving!

I never tell people: “I live in Costa Rica”.

I Thrive in Costa Rica.

Life feels like vacation every day. The indoor, outdoor living incorporates the true essence of the blue zone. People live to be over 100 in The Nicoya Peninsula because the social connections, the food, clean air and water, real values and real people.

The elegance of Bellevue architecture enhances the resort like feeling.

Travel Tips

There is so much to do in the Playa Organos area.

Bellevue has a Yoga Spa and their site is:

A Dive Center will be opening at Bellevue very soon…….

Our favorite tour company Bahia Rica provides wonderful tours, fishing, snorkeling, stand up paddle board tours, kayaking and rentals. Bioluminescent tours. Amazing and their site is:

The Curu Nature Reserve is next to the Playa Organos beach. Amazing place:

The Playa Organos beach is a sleepy little beach with black sand. Walking distance from Bellevue and there is a small beach bar that has great food, limited beers and is open some of the time. Great people and fish dishes.

Living in Bellevue

Bellevue is different On Purpose. This is an authentic and rustic area of Costa Rica. Many places you find in Cost Rica have been “over developed” and lost touch with nature, serenity and the rich culture of Costa Rica.

Bellevue strives to be bold, beautiful and hidden. The community is nestled in the trees on a mountainside within walking distance to the beach. The community feels one with nature and surrounded by jungle, monkey’s, birds, coyotes and wild cats. Nature has not been destroyed by this community and the homes are luxurious and contemporary at the same time.

Bellevue attracts a different kind of person and families. People that want to get off the beaten path and explore the world, nature and live differently than the dull ho-hum of the concrete jungle.

This is what I call: An Intentional International Community.

Bellevue Luxury Lifestyle Means…….

It feel luxurious, comfortable and gives the feeling of home but more like being on a permanent vacation.

Life at Bellevue is “The Reset Button”. When you pull into your driveway, park your car–you release the energy that you once knew as coming home.

Here in Playa Organos you may be home but you feel worlds away from the bustle of city life, traffic, noise, people and stress. You Reset Your Brain Waves with the sound of the natural ocean waves.

Studies prove: Listening to ocean waves for 20 minutes or more per day–actually enhances the ability to clearly think and analytically process. Listening to the sound of waves is proven to destress everyone.

The beach is minutes in walking distance. The community is hidden and it feels like “summer camp” at Bellevue. All those good memories of playing outside, enjoying the summer and having fun with your friends. You know: The Endless Summer–You hope never ends.

Endless Summer–Bellevue is Summer Camp For Everyone!

Luxury Lifestyle Means:

Stress Free Living

“Beyond fine crystal chandeliers, polished marble floors and granite, a new trend has emerged for buyers looking for a dimension of luxury defined by a change in lifestyle, where nature also takes its place, as part of the needs and desires of the high end buyer, creating extraordinary living experiences.

People buying property in Costa Rica as a second home, retirement home, or permanent residence, get much more than a house and a parcel, they get the experience of living in a tropical country with one of the best climates of the world.  In one of the most exotic destinations of the Americas, with a tiny total extension of 51,100 km2 that holds the largest biodiversity of the world per km2.”

Haute Residence