Gourmet Coming Soon!

A big question everyone asks:

Where to shop and get specialty items?

International Discount Store Soon @ Bellevue

Playa Organos is rustic, authentic and true Costa Rica; Everything we want in an adventurous Costa Rica life. Now we go deeper into “Lifestyle”.

What is life without great food, wine, snacks, drinks, pasta, gelato and more? Carlos Solana realized very quickly–He was a “foodie” and his community also loves the good life. So he set out on a mission to find the very best in specialty items and came up with a great solution! An International Discount Store at Bellevue.

A specialty store is in the works right now ordering everything one needs to entertain, snack, enjoy and
Thrive in Costa Rica. This store has cheeses, wines, special olives, oils and even cleaning supplies that are extra special. Gelato, pasta, pizzas, cookies, croutons, European sodas, hand crafted liquors and beers.

This store has everything you want and more. They will also offer text in orders to go. Pick up and a delivery service.

The store will be at your service, at your door and on the main road to the beach.

Waaaaaaait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Authentic Gem of Costa Rica…

Organos Beach, Playa Organos

Organos Beach, Playa Organos, a quiet bay with a gray sandy beach, surrounded by jungle, with a large number of coconut trees and couple of  shacks, this is part of the dry forest.

Organos Beach Paquera Costa Rica

The bay is safe  and ideal for swimming, there are fun bodysurfing waves.

Organos Beach has an Ecological Blue Flag Award from the Ministry of Environment, for its cleanliness and eco quality.

Paquera Beach downtown

Organos Beach is just two miles from Paquera downtown It is almost a mile large, with an estuary or Óganos also has a mangrove on the northern, It is the most popular among locals from the surroundings, it has beautiful scenery and from its shoreline you can watch the Negritos Island and Tortugas Island.

Big Beach Clean UP @ Playa Organos…..September 18th

Many people gathered at Playa Organos today to clean up the winter beach.

During the winter/rainy season months, the beach becomes filled with plastics and trash. Of course this goes away with the storms but where does it all go? The ocean becomes polluted and so beach clean up days are vital for the life of a healthy planet.

Dennis, Elizabeth and their dog Cleaning 🇨🇷

Bellevue is a key part of CAPATUR which is the Tourism Board and Carlos Solana works tirelessly to help improve life at Bellevue, Playa Organos and Paquera. CAPATUR along with Carlos organized the beach clean up and about 20 people came out along with children.

Trucks and bags were filled and hauled away. It was a beautiful sunny bright Productive day at Playa Organos.

Thank you to Carlos, CAPATUR and everyone that came out to help!

Carlos & Helmer Hard @ Work

Bellevue has Carlos, Helmer and a dedicated crew……

It is the rainy season and in much of Costa Rica the work comes to a halt; However, Bellevue has taken over the cabina’s located on the road to the beach. The workers are all in place and working hard.

The rainy season has not really stopped construction and things are in fact full swing at Bellevue. The new commercial shopping/multi use project is going along the road to the beach and interested parties are exciting about a gourmet discount Italian store–watch for more details. There will be a interior design showroom to help homeowners get what is right for their dream home and all things considered–Things Are Sunny For Belleveu in every way!

Carlos works hard with new buyers and Helmer is running the crew. Things are great!

Great News!!! Turtles Hatched, Released…..

And more turtles are coming!!!

The turtle march to the sea….

Playa Organos is populating more sea turtles at this very moment. There are three new nests and they are burried, protected and being carefully loooked after by the “turtle team”.

This long time vision of Carlos Solana is payin

Playa Organos Renovation is Fabulouso!

The renovation is in full swing…….

The new vision of Playa Organos is coming and in process thanks to Carlos Solana and Captur….

The components will be amazing and bring a great new life to this rustic and rare beach. Fine dining with casual seating and good food with a view. Campsites with areas to cook, eat, sleep and bathrooms will bring style and fun! Adventure tour kiosks will help people engage in tours. Vollyball, play areas and of course the turtle hatchery.

This has been the vision for Bellevue and Playa Organos for some time and dreams do come true with a lot of planning, meeting, organizing and making it happen.

This will bring more revenue and smiles to this area in the long term vision of Costa Rica! So glad we are a part of this dream!

Playa Organos Is Going To Be Fabuloso!

Preperations are underway on the Playa Organos Renovations.

There are many aspects to look forward with on La Playa!

Fine dining, very nice relaxing ambiance with good food. Can’t get any better than this! Camping sites that offer ameneti

The Sea Turtle Project Has Kicked Off!

Giving back to the community is a Bellevue Value

Saturday at 1:00 pm a group of volunteers and conservation experts gathered at Playa Organos to ready the beach for harvesting and incubating the sea turtle eggs.

The eggs must be looked after in order to preserve them from predators. Workers have been busy clearing the shelf layer of the Playa Organos area and the site for the hatchery has been defined.

Work is now beginning to build the hatching station and then volunteers will sign up for patrols and watch over the eggs.

For Carlos Solana a dream is coming to life! The turtles are an important part of the eco system. Birds of prey, wild dogs, people wanting a gourmet omelette may be taking the eggs and this fragile part of the eco system will forever be lost.

Carlos felt very strongly that Bellevue was coming to Playa Organos to improve nature, the community and instill positive values in the world around Bellevue. This is a key project and very exciting for Bellevue, Costa Rica and mother nature!

Sea Turtle Project @ Playa Organos

Carlos Solana: “I moved to beautiful Costa Rica 10 years ago to the place I fell in love with, called Playa Organos on the Nicoya Peninsula. Can you imagine my excitement when I found out that this is not only just a beautiful beach with palm trees but also an important nesting site for three different turtle species?”

‘However, in all the world oceans the turtles are endangered, and also here at Playa Organos/Paquera, we can see why. From when the eggs are laid till hatching, they are threatened by natural and also human predators. Poaching turtle eggs is very common in Costa Rica, so very few eggs actually end up hatching.”

I decided to do something to help save the turtles in my local community. I got my friends at the local tourist association CAPATUR involved (non-profit) and we started two months ago with 25 local volunteers patrolling the beach which is the very first step to protect the turtles. As we expected, sadly every morning we found poached nests. The following steps in our project are:

January/February 2021
Send the report of our patrols to the Government to get the permit to start a Turtle protection plan. Building the Turtle protection area at Playa Organos.

April 2021
Start the knowledge transfer to the Team Leaders.

July till November/December 2021 and each year following
Patrols (volunteers)        Team 1:  6pm – 12am    Team 2:  12am – 6am
Certified people from the local community will guide everyone interested in the Project. In that way earning money as a guide instead of poaching and selling the eggs illegally…. protecting the Turtles!

If you care about the environment, wildlife, and of course in particular if you love turtles like I do, and would like to contribute to our project with a donation, we and the thousands of baby turtles hatching at Playa Organos in the future would be deeply thankful. Every donation, big or small, will help us move forward and 100% of your donation will be used on the turtle project. The project team from CAPATUR (Vigdis Vatshaug, Elisabeth Molina Aubert, Angel Coello & Carlos Solana) and everyone else involved is volunteering their time and not getting paid.

As gofundme does not allow to connect the campaign to an account in Costa Rica, the currency is in CHF (Swiss Francs). Please do not forget to mention your full name in order to appear on our thank you list.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU,

Juan Zalazar, Landscape Designer @ Bellevue

Big trees speak to me… I find joy in nature.

Nature is so Intense at Playa Organos and Bellevue–Let’s Celebrate It!

“I love landscaping, planting, flowers and trees. I love the environment of the Bellevue area. There are such big trees that make this area so special. I want to incorporate the big trees and the gardens. I want to keep it all together so we keep it as a whole.”

Sustainability and respect for nature is key to Juan. When you discuss landscape and nature, Juan becomes very passionate and animated. You can tell he loves his work.

Juan sees his work as “helping people and nature to work as one.” He went to college to study agriculture and has studied all aspects including farm and ranch life. The landscape is something new to his resume and he got into it because he “loves big trees and how they impact the environment around them. I love seeing how trees interact with nature and now people.”

“I love forests and I want to know everything about trees and keeping them healthy. I have always loved the country more than the city. I love the nature more than inside. I love being in the woods and seeing things transforming. It is so beautiful. There is always a way to improve and help nature grow! I love seeing a garden become alive and seeing how they grow and things with your hands like a small seed flower assures me, I love my job!”