Big Thing……

Big things are coming to Bellevue and Playa Organos. People aske where is the “next big thing”? Right now home values are very reasonable and in fact down-right low priced. Exceptional Value fot your money.

The waterline is going in on the beach road. There are specialty shops and services, gourmet food, interior design, art and dance!!! Delivery services to your door. So right now things are in development and if you were to go to Santa Teresa or Nosara? You would find the same land/home for a value that is astronomical if you can find it. The inventory is low and the prices are inflated.

This inflation has not come to Playa Organos but rest assured in 5 years these prices will not be the same. ROI? Return On Investment?

Bellevue. Playa Organos. Ferry. Easy Access. Airport Nearby. Beaches. Isla Tortuga. Good Roads. Need we say more?

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