Tempura Roll💫

Some places in California like to boost they are in fact the “gourmet ghetto’s”. We have our own gourmet ghetto right in this area. Paquera has Macho’s and Restaurante Liz Seafood next to Macho’s. They are both located side by side at the North end of town heading to Tambor. The food at these cafe’s are fabulous!

Spicy Tuna Roll🙌🏼

Now Restaurante Liz has sushi! Yes, the best sushi. They even have vegetarian sushi. It is super fresh and don’t be fooled–the rolls are huge. Family style would be great for this. The rolls range from tempura, caterpiller, salmon skin, vegi rolls. Amazing. And of course, the presentation is top notch. You can not find a better presentation any place! The prices are so reasonable. This is the best thing that has happened to dining in Paquera.

Don’t forget the seafood soup at Liz–it is out of the world. Also the sea bass, fresh catch and civeche are Amaaaazing!!!

Macho’s of course has the finest burger one can find. Huge, organic grass fed and has bacon, toppings and a real bun that is fresh; Everything about this beats any burger in the country. The casado’s are reasonably priced and fresh. Important note–The place has the best sangria and service!

Best Civeche 💫

Moving right along: Isla Chaquita is over the top in every way. Romance, business, visitors, birthdays or just a special dinner–this is the place that people say: Wow!

Isla Chaquita is a boutique glamping resort but they allow guests to visit for dinner reservation only. A private boat picks you up at the ferry landing by the ambulance parking spot on the north side of the dock. The ride is super special because of the bioluminescence. The water throws up amazing tuquoise glowing rainbows at night. This magic boat ride and dinner will amaze you in every way.

Once you are on the small island about 5 minutes from the ferry, you will be greeted by the best in hospitality. The dock is beautiful with fairy lights and romance exudes from the white sand, the patio tables and rustic bar. The bar is stocked with top shelf liquor and the menue is devine. The steak and lobster, chicken cordon bleu was a special favorite. The desserts are awesome. Everything about this place is special and memorable.

So much good food right now. We will feature more in coming blogs. Cheers and enjoy! This place is a gourmet gem.

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