Pristine white sand beaches minutes away

There are several islands in Costa Rica that are worth including in your travel itinerary through the region, one of the most outstanding is Isla Tortuga . It is located off the southeast coast of the Nicoya Peninsula in the north of the country, located 12 nautical miles from Puntarenas.

It is one of those unique destinations that give you a pleasant experience, since it is not only a beautiful island with its beach and a large number of characteristic palm trees, it is also a historical site because it was part of the buccaneer pirate bands that embarked on the island ago. centuries.

From a distance out to sea, its shape resembles chelonians which means turtle in the ancient Huetar language, belonging to the indigenous people who populated part of the Central Pacific, hence its name.

One of my favorite adventures is to go with Bahia Rica to monkey island and then picnic and play in the waters at Isla Tortuga. There is amazing snorkeling and Bahia Rica or a local guide have gear. There is even a banana boat, great bars with coconut cocktails, the gift shop sells food and even wifi time.

You can go to the Playa Organos beach and ask a local boat tour guide to take you out for about 10 mill colones per person.

This is for sure worht the fun!
Some thing I do on a regular basis……

The snorkeling is magical!
The scenic wonders a Tortuga Island delight🎊
Wilbur comes to your boat with fresh oysters!
Wilbur make ceviche and fresh oysters right from his boat to yours!
Monkey man!

Monkey Island is a delight always a show.…

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