A big question everyone asks:

Where to shop and get specialty items?

International Discount Store Soon @ Bellevue

Playa Organos is rustic, authentic and true Costa Rica; Everything we want in an adventurous Costa Rica life. Now we go deeper into “Lifestyle”.

What is life without great food, wine, snacks, drinks, pasta, gelato and more? Carlos Solana realized very quickly–He was a “foodie” and his community also loves the good life. So he set out on a mission to find the very best in specialty items and came up with a great solution! An International Discount Store at Bellevue.

A specialty store is in the works right now ordering everything one needs to entertain, snack, enjoy and
Thrive in Costa Rica. This store has cheeses, wines, special olives, oils and even cleaning supplies that are extra special. Gelato, pasta, pizzas, cookies, croutons, European sodas, hand crafted liquors and beers.

This store has everything you want and more. They will also offer text in orders to go. Pick up and a delivery service.

The store will be at your service, at your door and on the main road to the beach.

Waaaaaaait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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