Organos Beach, Playa Organos

Organos Beach, Playa Organos, a quiet bay with a gray sandy beach, surrounded by jungle, with a large number of coconut trees and couple of  shacks, this is part of the dry forest.

Organos Beach Paquera Costa Rica

The bay is safe  and ideal for swimming, there are fun bodysurfing waves.

Organos Beach has an Ecological Blue Flag Award from the Ministry of Environment, for its cleanliness and eco quality.

Paquera Beach downtown

Organos Beach is just two miles from Paquera downtown It is almost a mile large, with an estuary or Óganos also has a mangrove on the northern, It is the most popular among locals from the surroundings, it has beautiful scenery and from its shoreline you can watch the Negritos Island and Tortugas Island.

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