Many people gathered at Playa Organos today to clean up the winter beach.

During the winter/rainy season months, the beach becomes filled with plastics and trash. Of course this goes away with the storms but where does it all go? The ocean becomes polluted and so beach clean up days are vital for the life of a healthy planet.

Dennis, Elizabeth and their dog Cleaning 🇨🇷

Bellevue is a key part of CAPATUR which is the Tourism Board and Carlos Solana works tirelessly to help improve life at Bellevue, Playa Organos and Paquera. CAPATUR along with Carlos organized the beach clean up and about 20 people came out along with children.

Trucks and bags were filled and hauled away. It was a beautiful sunny bright Productive day at Playa Organos.

Thank you to Carlos, CAPATUR and everyone that came out to help!

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