Giving back to the community is a Bellevue Value

Saturday at 1:00 pm a group of volunteers and conservation experts gathered at Playa Organos to ready the beach for harvesting and incubating the sea turtle eggs.

The eggs must be looked after in order to preserve them from predators. Workers have been busy clearing the shelf layer of the Playa Organos area and the site for the hatchery has been defined.

Work is now beginning to build the hatching station and then volunteers will sign up for patrols and watch over the eggs.

For Carlos Solana a dream is coming to life! The turtles are an important part of the eco system. Birds of prey, wild dogs, people wanting a gourmet omelette may be taking the eggs and this fragile part of the eco system will forever be lost.

Carlos felt very strongly that Bellevue was coming to Playa Organos to improve nature, the community and instill positive values in the world around Bellevue. This is a key project and very exciting for Bellevue, Costa Rica and mother nature!

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