Carlos Solana: “I moved to beautiful Costa Rica 10 years ago to the place I fell in love with, called Playa Organos on the Nicoya Peninsula. Can you imagine my excitement when I found out that this is not only just a beautiful beach with palm trees but also an important nesting site for three different turtle species?”

‘However, in all the world oceans the turtles are endangered, and also here at Playa Organos/Paquera, we can see why. From when the eggs are laid till hatching, they are threatened by natural and also human predators. Poaching turtle eggs is very common in Costa Rica, so very few eggs actually end up hatching.”

I decided to do something to help save the turtles in my local community. I got my friends at the local tourist association CAPATUR involved (non-profit) and we started two months ago with 25 local volunteers patrolling the beach which is the very first step to protect the turtles. As we expected, sadly every morning we found poached nests. The following steps in our project are:

January/February 2021
Send the report of our patrols to the Government to get the permit to start a Turtle protection plan. Building the Turtle protection area at Playa Organos.

April 2021
Start the knowledge transfer to the Team Leaders.

July till November/December 2021 and each year following
Patrols (volunteers)        Team 1:  6pm – 12am    Team 2:  12am – 6am
Certified people from the local community will guide everyone interested in the Project. In that way earning money as a guide instead of poaching and selling the eggs illegally…. protecting the Turtles!

If you care about the environment, wildlife, and of course in particular if you love turtles like I do, and would like to contribute to our project with a donation, we and the thousands of baby turtles hatching at Playa Organos in the future would be deeply thankful. Every donation, big or small, will help us move forward and 100% of your donation will be used on the turtle project. The project team from CAPATUR (Vigdis Vatshaug, Elisabeth Molina Aubert, Angel Coello & Carlos Solana) and everyone else involved is volunteering their time and not getting paid.

As gofundme does not allow to connect the campaign to an account in Costa Rica, the currency is in CHF (Swiss Francs). Please do not forget to mention your full name in order to appear on our thank you list.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU,

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