Lili has nearly 20 years of education and experience in the field of Interior Design. She loves helping people and feels that Interior Design is a way of improving peoples’ lives, personal living space and life. She believes “Interior Design makes lives more happy and functional.”

Lili is excited to work in Playa Organos and Bellevue because the beauty and nature are so intense in the area. She hopes to “bring this beauty and intensity into the home and living space for a positive experience.”

She sees “Interior Design as art. It is also important to put a client’s taste and personality into each project. People need to feel and have a positive experience in Costa Rica with nature. People need to feel comfortable in the home and outside.”

“Interior Design has to make people feel happy and life easier.”

“Bellevue is a great opportunity. I can guide people to get what they expect to feel comfortable and happy. ”

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