Big trees speak to me… I find joy in nature.

Nature is so Intense at Playa Organos and Bellevue–Let’s Celebrate It!

“I love landscaping, planting, flowers and trees. I love the environment of the Bellevue area. There are such big trees that make this area so special. I want to incorporate the big trees and the gardens. I want to keep it all together so we keep it as a whole.”

Sustainability and respect for nature is key to Juan. When you discuss landscape and nature, Juan becomes very passionate and animated. You can tell he loves his work.

Juan sees his work as “helping people and nature to work as one.” He went to college to study agriculture and has studied all aspects including farm and ranch life. The landscape is something new to his resume and he got into it because he “loves big trees and how they impact the environment around them. I love seeing how trees interact with nature and now people.”

“I love forests and I want to know everything about trees and keeping them healthy. I have always loved the country more than the city. I love the nature more than inside. I love being in the woods and seeing things transforming. It is so beautiful. There is always a way to improve and help nature grow! I love seeing a garden become alive and seeing how they grow and things with your hands like a small seed flower assures me, I love my job!”

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