Bellevue will be getting a design center very soon.

There are plans made and ground breaking for a commercial store front/mixed use area along the main road to the beach. The area right along the road will have parking and store fronts.

Bellevue will be offering some amazing packages with exceptionally unique interior design pieces, furniture and everything right down to the silver ware and dishes for home owners.

Esteban Espinoza Menak is an amazing designer with years of inspiration and unique style. Esteban is Costa Rican and works in New York City and Costa Rica. He is also a painter and talented in many treatments and mediums, faux finishes to fine art and style.

Esteban is a master designer and artist

Esteban will be leading a team of designers that will work one on one with clients to optimize styles and tastes that. will uniquely make their home a special haven. The designers will find out what is interesting and important to clients and match materials, finishes and furniture etc to budget specifications and taste.

Clients can make appointments and spend quality time going over details. There will be a showroom where clients can view samples of tiles, blinds, materials and fixtures. People can drop in and spend time dreaming……

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