It feel luxurious, comfortable and gives the feeling of home but more like being on a permanent vacation.

Life at Bellevue is “The Reset Button”. When you pull into your driveway, park your car–you release the energy that you once knew as coming home.

Here in Playa Organos you may be home but you feel worlds away from the bustle of city life, traffic, noise, people and stress. You Reset Your Brain Waves with the sound of the natural ocean waves.

Studies prove: Listening to ocean waves for 20 minutes or more per day–actually enhances the ability to clearly think and analytically process. Listening to the sound of waves is proven to destress everyone.

The beach is minutes in walking distance. The community is hidden and it feels like “summer camp” at Bellevue. All those good memories of playing outside, enjoying the summer and having fun with your friends. You know: The Endless Summer–You hope never ends.

Endless Summer–Bellevue is Summer Camp For Everyone!

Luxury Lifestyle Means:

Stress Free Living

“Beyond fine crystal chandeliers, polished marble floors and granite, a new trend has emerged for buyers looking for a dimension of luxury defined by a change in lifestyle, where nature also takes its place, as part of the needs and desires of the high end buyer, creating extraordinary living experiences.

People buying property in Costa Rica as a second home, retirement home, or permanent residence, get much more than a house and a parcel, they get the experience of living in a tropical country with one of the best climates of the world.  In one of the most exotic destinations of the Americas, with a tiny total extension of 51,100 km2 that holds the largest biodiversity of the world per km2.”

Haute Residence

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